Lewis Mocker

SD's Interview with Infinite Prosperity's co- founder and self development beast.

​What attracted you to currency trading in the first place?
My Dad had been trading and investing full time for 10 years or so before I was even born. Growing up in that environment made it an obvious choice for me to explore. As a young teenager interested in business and wealth creation, I had what I perceived to be a major shortfall: I was shy. Selling, negotiating and managing people like all my books said to do felt extremely uncomfortable to me.

To this day I still have a small degree of phone-anxiety (I don’t like speaking on the phone much). This was another reason I gravitated toward a trading business: No people, no staff, no suppliers. Interestingly, my success in trading seemed to bring out my confidence in later years. I think succeeding in anything meaningful to you helps to build your confidence.
Lewis Mocker is the co-founder of Infinite Prosperity.

Growing up in a trading family and placing his first trade at the age of 9 years old, he's been dominating the forex market ever since.

Passed down to Lewis by his mentors, his strategies are not rocket science, but have been proven in the market time and time again. 

He also has a very cool YouTube channel with weekly mini-lessons that you can watch for free!

It seems like currency trading and teaching people how to trade is a small part of what you do now..
Yep! For about 5 years straight, my entire life was trading. I made my first stock investment at 9 years old, and moved into a more “hands on” approach during my mid teen years... Though looking back, I largely consider this period of my trading journey to be mostly dabbling - (at least compared to the effort and energy that went in during the later years). This 5 year period of massive action started when I was about 18, where my entire life routine was to wake up at 4:30am, trade, go to work, teach my tradesmen and fellow apprentices about trading, come home, trade, sleep and repeat.

When we launched IP, it just magnified everything! I was personally handling all the support emails and was speaking to 50-100 students every day. During this time a few key things happened.

My advice and guidance started spilling over to other areas outside of trading. This attracted more and more questions and concerns from IP students about areas of their lives external from money and trading.

I found myself slowly but gradually gravitating toward helping my trading students through their OTHER issues and concerns more so than the trading strategies! In fact I found time and time again that the students who were struggling most with trading discipline were actually dealing with some “stuff” outside of the markets. Through this, I have no doubt that what’s happening in our personal lives most definitely spills over into trading, business, money, wealth etc... In fact, I would go as far as saying, certain personal issues will render it impossible to attain any amount of consistent and growing wealth.
Eventually, the support inboxes became too much, so we recruited a few new team members (Paul and Scott initially) to help take the load off.

Active Trader then came about, which completely changed the game. The content was so thorough, so beneficial, and so cherished by the community, that adding further trading content on my behalf actually became redundant! This allowed me to delve deeper into what was calling for my attention.
There was one particular email that concreted my change of direction. It was from an IP student who had been struggling with severe depression for a number of years. After contemplating suicide, he thanked me and his IP membership for “saving his life”. Through adopting a fresh perspective for his life, making new and (supportive) friendships within the community and having something exciting to look forward to - he completely turned his life around.

Seeing that play out was when everything changed for me. I could no longer dedicate 10+ hours a day talking about MACD divergence, double bottom reversal patterns, making money and buying stuff… The service we were providing was deeper, and much more important to people than we ever thought. (That’s not intended to be romantic poetry, money and lifestyle is still a very high value of mine, and learning to trade wisely is very much what I recommend to friends and family who are still in the process of discovering their lifes purpose)...

So while the team took over the bulk of the trading education (and continue to do a mind blowing job of it), I personally ventured out for more knowledge on how to systematically change people's lives for the better, by tying in everything I knew about mindset, money, inspiration, values, self-sabotage, belief systems, law of attraction and personal empowerment.
A lot of what you talk about in your vlogs focuses on being empowered and having an empowered mindset. How is this different from just making choices that are good for you?
I think a lot of people are unconsciously caught in the trap of making “second tier” good choices. As in, making decisions based on what they think someone else thinks would be the best decision. I work with a lot of teenagers and young adults who feel pressured by their parents to take a particular job or a particular university degree, when in fact I know for sure (through basic investigation) that their heart isn’t in it. I’ve seen how cleverly they’re able to justify their decisions and “own it” as if it was inspired from within… but I have developed an equally clever set of questions to bypass that trickery and get to the truth. For many of these guys and girls, the fact that they’re self-minimizing and prioritising their parents desires over their own can be a very uncomfortable truth to face.

Making any choice based on the need to appease an external authority eg. parents, peers, preachers or popularity, to me is a very disempowered state of being. To be clear, I don’t consider parents who appear “controlling” or “demanding” to be bad parents… In fact, in numerous cases I’ve seen how their “overpowering” nature is exactly what the kid needed to finally say “enough is enough, i’m sticking up for what I really want to do, and I’m making XYZ decision because that’s what I want for my life”.

The first breakthrough of empowerment comes not through finally deciding between Blue or Red, Yale or Harvard, Artist or Accountant… but through finally deciding that from this point forward, you will make all your decisions based on what you would love to be, do and have rather than what someone else thinks you should be, do or have
What if someone were to call you a 'life coach'. Do you accept that description and how do you view life coaches and life coaching these days.
When I was an electrician apprentice, I noticed that many of the sparkies I worked for appeared to have the worst electrical work in their own homes. Switch plates hanging off the wall, downlights that flickered etc. When we worked at painters homes, I noted how even the best on-site painters seemed to have faded fences and rusty guttering at their own home. My two chef friends absolutely hate cooking at home. Filet mignon at work, two minute noodles at home... and in my social network, those who appear to have endured the most destructive emotional turmoil are the ones who seem to become drawn toward a psychology degree (to help others with break through their emotional turmoil).

Maybe i’m seeing patterns that don’t actually exist on a larger scale, but what I know for sure is that very often what people express in public, they repress behind closed doors. (Have you ever noticed the uncanny correlation between comedians and depression?)

I’ve seen similar things happen in life coaching. I actually know a few “life coaches” in person who express a seemingly successful persona online, yet behind closed doors, they’re struggling with massive debt while operating out of their parents basement, dealing with depression etc… I’ve seen enough business/success coaches behind the scenes to realise that their online presence is not necessarily indicative of reality. Now, to be fair, i’ve also seen these guys go on to give (what I consider to be) wise advice to their clients who have then used the information productively!

Sometimes, it’s easier to give others advice than to take it yourself - though the irony here is that those coaches are often in need of some more coaching themselves, perhaps to break through a self-sabotage complex that plagues them.

The original use of the word coach was to describe a vehicle that transported someone from one place to another. So in that regard, for sure I consider myself a life coach!

​In my own life, i’ve always had coaches and mentors. Learning from others is a crucial component to taking your life to the next level. Raw trial and error is insanity, especially when someone else has already figured out all the obstacles and can show you them in advance for a small fee. 

A few tips for selecting a coach:

Go with their client results first. If they can’t show you 10 people who they’ve helped, and 10 people who would personally vouch for them… start elsewhere! 50-100 people is better. 1,000+ people is even better than that. Expect to pay much more for a coach in that latter group.

Go with their personal results second. It takes 1 day and a few hundred bucks to set up a professional looking website with a corporate looking self-portrait and a few written credentials. But how’s their social presence? Are they even successful themselves? Are they confident and secure enough to put themselves out there? It’s easy to set up an instagram profile that makes you look successful, but many of those profiles aren’t even posting photos they personally took. I consider YouTube, Snapchat and Periscope (Or Live Social) presence more important than still images and fixed websites. Get to know them better before investing in them.

Formal qualifications and degrees don’t mean much to me, unless my task requires them by law. Show me your clients results, show me your personal results.
How many books have you read in the past 12 months, focusing on education and self improvement?
35-40… I’m going for 52 this year!
This probably changes every year, and I know this is a hard one as sometimes it's the knowledge gained from a selection of books put together that has the greatest impact, but if you could name the one book that has delivered you the most results in your life, what would that be?
Trading In The Zone - Mark Douglas still wins the prize! I’ve (loosely) calculated the dollar profits this book has made me, and it still trumps anything else so far. This is why it’s still the only book that has a dedicated shelf in my office.

That said, my business, leadership and communication skills are becoming more and more important and significant every day as my business ventures spread farther beyond the realm of trading… So here’s a few others that are in the running:

How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
The Values Factor - John Demartini
Mindset - Carol Dweck
Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (And It’s All Small Stuff) - Richard Carlson
The Power - Rhonda Byrne
What's the best success seminar you've been to?
The Breakthrough Experience by John Demartini. Anyone who has attended BTE will very likely agree that the significance of the method taught during breakthrough can hardly be rivalled by any business, motivation, sales or money making seminar.
Education is the best investment. Agree or disagree, and in your words, why?
Agree. Education is the only thing you can possibly invest in that will allow you to approach an infinite ROI in every area of life.
A term deposit or money market investment delivers a fixed financial return. Put 1x in and take 1.05x out a year later. An index fund might deliver a slightly higher return. A blue chip dividend yielding stock might deliver a slightly higher return. A real-estate investment trust might deliver a slightly higher return than that. As you start moving into sophisticated investing/trading, you might generate an even higher return again!

… But even at the high end of the most sophisticated and successful trading regime… can you put in $60 and pull out $1,000,000+ in under 10 years? I’ve never seen it happen in the financial markets, but i’ve seen it happen time and time again when investing in education. Also, i’ve seen the spillover effect from education change not only the financial well being of investors -  but their relational, spiritual, social, health and vocational well being as well.
If you could go back 5 years and tell yourself one thing, what would that be?
I would say that every challenge you’re currently facing will come to serve you more than you can ever imagine. Start a YouTube channel now, don’t wait. In a few months, an app called Snapchat will drop… Get cracking with it! More social! More books! More of what you’re already doing! Go long on TSLA. The future is bright! Maybe tread carefully with that burrito from Rosa Mexicano in January 2012.
What is success to you and how do you define it?
My short answer? Success is the degree to which you live life on your own terms in both the physical and mental realm. In the physical realm, that means generating enough personal power to have the experiences you’d love to have, to go to the places you’d love to go, to meet the people you’d love to meet, to spend your time doing what you’d love to do and to provide the service you’d love to provide. In the mental realm, that means giving yourself permission to be you.

Idolizing and infatuating with others who you think are better than you is not success.
Reluctantly subordinating to culture or tradition is not success.
Living with guilt and shame because you broke some religious, familial or socially agreed upon “rule” is not success.

Be you, do you, love you and own you! Make your own rules and live by them. That’s what success means to me.
Infinite Prosperity is still growing strong. Are you surprised at the level of impact IP has had on it's students?
Yes and no! I knew from the second we came up with the idea, bought the name, designed the logo and sat there staring at it… that it would be a huge success. I knew that if I could get my knowledge out to the people, that they’d flourish with it - there was no doubt or second guessing that. What took us by surprise was the ferocity by which students came in and consumed the information.

We couldn’t keep up! There were so many issues that we weren’t prepared to deal with… one loophole in the first week allowed students to bypass the checkout and get free memberships. We had to quickly learn how to become web developers, SEO specialists, accountants, book keepers, and email administrators all while mentoring 50+ students a day personally, keeping up with our own trading routine and dealing with our first serious influx of naysayers trying to keep us in check. The craziness hasn’t really stopped, but at least now we have an incredible team of 12 to help spread the load a bit :P

Some of the testimonials, emails and snapchats that get sent in are pretty moving. I’m not so much “surprised” by them anymore, rather, they inspire me to keep learning, keep growing, keep working, keep putting together more pieces of the puzzle, and sharing them with our community. I’ve seen enough many cases now to maintain 100% confidence that what we teach will change your life if you apply it. In fact we’re so confident about that, all of our memberships now come with a life changer guarantee!

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