We are extremely grateful you have taken the time to explore around SuccessDirectory, and you now want to know more about how it all began, and why.

​The past 12 months have been extremely life changing for me.

It started when my father, Bob Heatley passed away with aggressive oesophageal cancer in March last year.

We were very close, shared all the same interests and talked every day on the phone.

So as you can imagine, his death was extremely difficult, and even changed the chemicals in my brain and how I thought and perceived the world on a daily basis - otherwise known as depression.

I had a choice. I could go one way and continue down this road of despair, with who knows what consequences - probably completely alienating my friends and family, and have it affect my professional life to the point where I would have to change careers.

Or, I could go the other way. Educate myself. Learn. Read. Listen. Grow. Once I started, I couldn't stop. And thank God I didn't. This process of self-education has inspired me on paths I never would have even dreamed of just 12 months ago, and I've gained the tools I needed to deal with Dad's passing.
Well I can tell you, the results have been extraordinary.

In the past 12 months, I have written a book, which will be coming out in the next couple of months. I've also managed to land a role in a town I love, reading the news and weather for Prime7, have a baby on the way and started this website, SuccessDirectory.org with my brother Kel Heatley. 

I haven't really slept a lot in the past 6 months but to say it has not been productive would be a lie!

From reading the words from these incredibly inspiring authors, it's inspired me to not only look at the future differently but also the present and to say it's had a life changing effect would be an understatement.

Our goal with SuccessDirectory.org is to provide a place where inspired and motivated people can connect in one place but also it's a place where you can find the books, the content and programs that have been community tested to have had the most impact on people's lives.

Plus we have an awesome little  blog going.

But what do we mean by "community tested"?

SD probably would have never been created if it wasn't for a community of young and extremely motivated individuals from all over the world who have come together through the power of the Internet.

People from different countries who speak different languages with the same goals and determination.

Financial freedom.

This community is driven by this one purpose and has forged friendships across oceans. 

They brought together from a company called 'Infinite Prosperity'.

Infinite Prosperity provides education on how to trade the foreign exchange markets. We are students of Infinite Prosperity. The students and the teaches of Infinite Prosperity were the inspiration for this site, as people would share the books they had read that changed their lives and help them truly implement the teachings of Infinite Prosperity and start businesses across the world. But there was nowhere you could go that catalogued these books and courses into one place.

So why create this incredible catalogue just for students of Infinite Prosperity? Why not share it with the world?

If you have ever been interested in creating passive income streams or trading financial markets I encourage you to jump onto their website and sign up for their introductory free lessons. They have helped hundreds of people obtain financial freedom from all over the world and there is no reason why they can't do it for you as well.

I really hope you enjoy SD and if you have any comments or feedback please get in touch with us!

We wish you all the best with your journey to success!

Kenny Heatley